Saving license info in file instead of registry on Terminal Server

If you install Metafile Companion on a Windows Terminal Server and when users run the program they are asked for the license information again, here's a work-around. Edit the file "MetaComp.ser" and enter the license info there. For example: ! [Serial Number] CS-MC32-US-130-XXXXXXXX [Registered User] Joe User [Registered Organization] [End]

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Metafile Companion keeps asking for registration info on 64-bit Windows (XP, Vista, 7)

Last Updated: 1/27/2010 Symptoms If you install Metafile Companion on the 64-bit version of Windows (XP, Vista or 7) and enter your registration information, the program continues to ask for your registrion information each time you start Metafile Companion. Cause Metafile Companion (like all well-behaved Windows programs) saves its program settings in the Windows Registry. [...]

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How to associate Metafile Companion with the .wmf file extension

Like all well-behaved Windows programs, Metafile Companion registers itself for certain file types only if no other program is already registered for these file types. It is up to the registered program to offer a way to unregister itself. For example, if you run the command: metacomp /? (from the folder where Metafile Companion is installed) [...]

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Opening a picture with Greek and other Symbol font characters turns them into question marks (e.g. “????”)

Symptoms If a picture with Greek characters or other symbols from the Symbol font is opened in Metafile Companion, all the Symbol font characters turn into question marks (e.g. "????"). If the file is then saved, the Greek characters or other symbols are saved as question marks (and will appear as question marks if the [...]

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EMF Files Are Too Large

Symptoms When certain EMF files are read into Metafile Companion they appear too large with portions of the picture extending beyond the normal page area. (This is not a problem with EMF files created by Metafile Companion.) Cause EMF file sizing is based on the sizing of the current display. Windows reports the display resolution [...]

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Color buttons are all black when Windows 3D Objects Font Color is not black

Symptoms When running Metafile Companion, all the buttons on the Color toolbar are black, white or some other color. Cause Metafile Companion assumes that the Windows 3D Objects Font Color (i.e. the text color for 3D buttons) is always black. Work-around(s) Right-click in an empty area on the Windows desktop and select Properties. Select the [...]

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Rectangles and Ellipses Shift or Change Size

Symptoms When a metafile containing Rectangles or Ellipses is saved and then opened again these objects may be shifted or scaled by one picture unit. Cause The problem occurs because Windows metafiles primitives based on rectangles (e.g. Rectangles and Ellipses) are defined to include the top, left coordinate but not the bottom, right coordinate in [...]

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