Edit Windows Metafiles (WMF, EMF) with Metafile Companion

Metafile Companion is a powerful metafile editor that can edit Windows metafiles such as WMF and EMF clip art files and more…

  • Customize your clip art – Change colors, patterns, line thicknesses and fonts. Use the drawing tools to add new objects and text. Objects can be flipped and made opaque or transparent. Resize the picture. Remove excess white space with the Trim Picture tool.
  • Edit graphs, charts or drawings from other Windows applications – Paste a graphic (in Picture format) from the clipboard or import a WMF or EMF file. Change colors, patterns, line thicknesses and fonts. Add new objects and annotate with text.
  • Create new drawings – Metafile Companion is the quick and easy way to whip up any simple drawing. In minutes you can create just what you need.
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee
  • Works great on Windows 10 (and 7, 8 and more)! (license agreement)

Metafile Companion edits Windows metafiles (WMF, EMF)

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