Metafile Companion Features for OEMs

Metafile Companion has a wealth of features to offer OEM customers. And it’s a good value for your company that can boost sales and save on valuable development resources.

We offer a variety of distribution licenses and source code at attractive prices. You can read more about our OEM licensing options and request OEM pricing.

Easy to Use

Metafile Companion Screen Shot
Click the graphic for a larger view of Metafile Companion

Your customers will find Metafile Companion easy to learn and use.

Standard File Formats

  • Reads and writes Windows metafiles (WMF files) and enhanced metafiles (EMF files) as its native file formats
  • Paste pictures cut from other applications directly to Metafile Companion for editing

Friendly User Interface

  • Follows Microsoft’s The Windows Interface Guidelines for Software Design
  • ToolTips and “What’s This?” help
  • User-configurable toolbars and status bar

Direct Manipulation

  • Move, copy and resize objects directly
  • True WYSIWYG display even when adding and editing objects
  • Toolbar access to commonly used features

Easy to Add

In-Place Server Screen Shot
Metafile Companion as an in-place OLE editor

It’s very easy to add Metafile Companion to your existing product. Just add one installer file to your disk or download!

Completely Self-Contained

  • Installer is less than 700 KB in size
  • Professional install and uninstall
  • No extra DLLs required

Ready to Ship

  • Fully tested
  • No customizations required
  • No manual needed, complete online help

Integrated with Windows

  • Automatically registers with Windows shell
  • OLE 2.0 full-server
  • Can be activated in-place or stand-alone

Easy to Support

Metafile Companion is designed to be a “no headaches” application.

Simple Application

  • Just does one thing – edits metafiles
  • Only uses features directly supported by Windows metafiles

Complete On-line Help

  • Describes all the elements of the application window
  • Offers numerous “How To…” procedures
  • Contains a complete command reference
  • Includes an extensive index

Well Tested

  • Extensive testing has been performed during all stages of development
  • Automated testing tools such as PC-lint, Microsoft Test and BoundsChecker have been used to ensure robustness

Easy to Adapt

Help Topics Screen Shot

Metafile Companion can be easily customized to fit your needs.

No Re-compile Changes

  • Place custom information in the Help About box simply by editing a text file on the master disk

Source Code Available

  • Complete well-documented, object-oriented C++ source code is available
  • Compiled with Microsoft Visual C++ and the MFC library

Manual Available

  • Metafile Companion User Guide written the Help & Manual program
  • Single document can produce help file and printed manual if desired

Translation Ready

  • Metafile Companion is ready to be translated into another language if necessary
  • No text is embedded in the code – all messages are in the resource file