Free Clip Art Catalog

We’ve scoured the web to find great sources of free clipart in Windows metafile (WMF or EMF) format or other vector formats. Here what we found:

  • – Primarily EPS files. Use a file converter to create a WMF or EMF file if needed.
  • – a large collection of vector clipart in many formats.
  • ClipArts101 – vector clipart in SVG, WMF, EMF, EPS format.

Other Vector Clip Art

These sites may charge for their WMF clip art, but may have what you’re looking for:

How to Convert or Edit Clip Art

If the clip art you want is in a vector format other than WMF or EMF such as SVG, EPS, PDF, AI, etc., you can use graphics conversion software to convert it to a WMF or EMF file.

Our Metafile Companion software can be used to customize your clip art to make it just what you want.

List Additions, Updates or Removal

For list additions, updates or removal, please email us. We strive to keep our list up-to-date and accurate and appreciate your help.