Contact Technical Support

Companion Software offers technical support to all registered users of our products. We encourage you to follow these steps until your problem is solved:

  1. Check the help file or other documentation that comes with the product. We strive to provide complete documentation for our products. We consider it a problem when a product does not operate according to its documentation or has incorrect documentation. If you have found a repeatable problem in one of our products, we would definitely like to hear about it!
  2. Search the articles for your product for keywords related to your problem to see if it has already been reported. That way you can save yourself the trouble of writing up a problem report.
  3. Email your problem report to    Please include the following in your problem report:
    • the program name and version,
    • a complete description of the steps needed to reproduce the problem, and
    • optionally, a simple file that demonstrates the problem.

    We appreciate your patience while we investigate the problem. With your help, we can provide you with the best quality product possible.

If you are having any problem not covered here, please contact us.