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Here are some other helpful Web sites that you might be interested in (listed alphabetically by category and product or site name)…

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Within this document, you will find information about:

Clip Art

These sites offer clip art in WMF files. Metafile Companion can easily edit WMF files!

Note: External sites are not necessarily endorsed by Companion Software.

Also, be sure to visit the Companion Software Free Clip Art Catalog where you can download free clip art and learn about some of the world’s leading clip art vendors.

Graphics Conversion Software

Below are products that can convert one graphics format to another. If you can convert a vector graphic to a WMF file,
Metafile Companion can usually edit it (as long as it isn’t a bitmap graphic – these should be edited with a paint program).

To display a metafile on the web, it should be converted to SVG (Scalable Vector Format). A Google search for “convert emf to svg” turns up a number of sites that can do the conversion online.

Note: External sites are not necessarily endorsed by Companion Software.

For a library to convert wmf files to onscreen X graphics, to the gif format and to fig, check out libwmf.

Another file conversion and image manipulation libary is ImageMagick.

Graphics Viewers and Browsers

These sites describe products that can catalog large numbers of images. Just drag-and-drop a metafile to Metafile Companion to edit it.

Note: External sites are not necessarily endorsed by Companion Software.

HTML, CSS, XML Specifications and Tutorials

If you’re putting together Web pages and need references for the HTML language, CSS, XML, etc., check out these references.

  • For specifications and some introductory material, go to the source: the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).
  • For tutorials and quick overviews of many web-related technologies see W3 Schools. There you can learn the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL and more in minutes.

Internet Marketing

If you’re marketing a product on the Internet, be sure to check out these valuable resources!

  • Ivan Levison is a superb copywriter who can improve the effectiveness of your web site, direct mail, advertising and other marketing materials. Highly recommended!
  • Holy Cow Online Marketing is our sister company that can help you with website development, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing and more.

Windows Metafile Technical Information

If you’re interested in technical information about Windows metafiles, then you must visit our Windows Metafile Resource Center. Its goal is to provide you with access to “everything you every wanted to know about Windows metafiles (WMF and EMF files)”. We’ve got FAQs, free utilities and links to other valuable reference sources.