Saving license info in file instead of registry on Terminal Server

If you install Metafile Companion on a Windows Terminal Server and when users run the program they are asked for the license information again, here's a work-around. Edit the file "MetaComp.ser" and enter the license info there. For example: ! [Serial Number] CS-MC32-US-130-XXXXXXXX [Registered User] Joe User [Registered Organization] [End]

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How to associate Metafile Companion with the .wmf file extension

Like all well-behaved Windows programs, Metafile Companion registers itself for certain file types only if no other program is already registered for these file types. It is up to the registered program to offer a way to unregister itself. For example, if you run the command: metacomp /? (from the folder where Metafile Companion is installed) [...]

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