How to List All License Keys for a User

To list all the license keys for a user, go to Host > SQL and enter a command like this:

SELECT * FROM cs_Licenses WHERE UserName=’username

This can be useful to see a license key after generating one (as shown above).

You can look up a user’s user name via Admin > User Accounts.

Metafile Companion Upgrade Checklist

When you upgrade Metafile Companion, make sure you:

  1. Review MetaComp.rc2, buildnum.h and MetaComp.ser files to see they have the correct version number (e.g.
  2. Update the Setup project Properties Window > Version to set to the three-number version (e.g. 1.4.0). Visual Studio will suggest that ProductCode be updated as well. Choose “Yes” to update ProductCode.
  3. Check in all files for build that are checked out.
  4. Label the source code in Perforce (e.g. “MetaComp_v1.4.0.7”).
  5. Update the Help file as appropriate using Help & Manual program and exporting CHM file for program and HTML User’s Guide for posting on the website.
  6. Compile the UsEngl Release build of the program.
  7. Bump up build number in BuildNum.h.
  8. Test the release candidate!
  9. Upload the installer (e.g. “Metafile Companion v1.4.0 Setup.msi”) to the “/Portals/0/Downloads” folder.
  10. Update the Metafile Companion Download / Upgrade page with the correct filename, URL and file size (in “Trouble Downloading?”).
  11. (optional) Rename old “/Products/MetafileCompanion/UsersGuide/” to “/Products/MetafileCompanion/UsersGuide_vX.x”.
  12. (optional) Upload User’s Guide HTML folder and rename to UsersGuide. (You may have to do the rename on the server itself.)
  13. Update the Version History page with a list of what’s been fixed.
  14. (optional) Update the Home page and/or Metafile Companion page to highlight any important new features.
  15. Tweet, email, Facebook, etc. about the new release as appropriate.