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What Types of Files Can't Metafile Companion Edit?

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Metafile Companion supports the subset of metafile commands that is used by the majority of clipart vendors. Commands that are not supported are filtered out, but usually this isn't a problem.

For example, Metafile Companion does not support the pie wedge command. This is not a problem because no one uses the pie wedge command! Even graphing programs use the more flexible polygon command to draw pie wedges. And we support the polygon command very well.

Metafile Companion ignores bitmaps and all bitmap-oriented operations. We recommend you use Paint or another paint program to edit bitmaps.

Metafile Companion cannot edit Clipboard files (CLP files) unless they contain a metafile inside them.

Metafile Companion does not process some advanced commands in EMF files.

For more information on how to be warned about unhandled metafile commands, see General and Ignored Metafile Records Dialog Box.


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