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What Types of Files Can Metafile Companion Edit?

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Metafile Companion can edit the following kinds of files:

Windows metafiles (WMF files)
Enhanced metafiles (EMF files)
Clipboard files (CLP files) that contain metafiles

In addition, Metafile Companion can edit metafiles directly from the Windows Clipboard. Since most modern Windows programs can copy a selection to the Clipboard as a metafile, almost anything you can cut and paste can be edited by Metafile Companion. For more information, see How to Work with the Clipboard.

Windows metafiles and enhanced metafiles can contain a rich set of commands - most of which are not used by clipart today. Metafile Companion supports the subset of metafile commands that is used by the majority of clipart vendors. The drawing objects supported include Line, Polyline, Polypolyline, Polygon, Polypolygon, Rectangle, Ellipse, Text and Arc. Comments embedded in metafiles are preserved by Metafile Companion but cannot be viewed, edited or deleted. Commands that are not supported are filtered out.

Metafile Companion has limited support for Path commands: StrokePath, FillPath and StrokeAndFillPath. Paths can only contain our supported drawing objects (listed above). Paths can be displayed, moved, sized, formatted and deleted, but they cannot be otherwise edited, ungrouped or created. While Paths can be drawn as stroked, filled or both, Metafile Companion cannot change the drawing mode of a selected path.



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