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Welcome to Metafile Companion

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Windows users have always had the Windows Paint utility to simply create and edit bitmap (BMP) files. But there was nothing comparable for Windows metafile (WMF) files. Now there is! Metafile Companion can easily create and edit Windows metafiles.

Metafile Companion is different from most drawing programs. It only offers options and features that are directly supported by metafiles themselves. This allows Metafile Companion to work at the metafile command level without any loss of fidelity. And we avoid the complexity of massive drawing programs that are often "too powerful" for editing simple metafiles.

Most high-quality Windows clipart is distributed as metafiles. So Metafile Companion can also be thought of as a clipart editor. It can annotate clipart with text, change all objects of one color to another color, flip objects, rotate text and more.

Metafile Companion is a state-of-the-art Windows program designed to work smoothly with all modern Windows programs. Metafile Companion is an OLE 2 full-server program that can be activated in-place or as a stand-alone application.



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