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How to Edit the Points of a Polygon

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To edit the points of a polygon:

1.Select the polygon.
2.Press the Edit Points toolbar button Poly Edit Points Button. Small rectangular handles will be drawn at each vertex point of the polygon.
3.Click on a point handle to select it. The currently selected point is indicated by a solid filled handle. All the other points have hollow handles.
4.With a point selected you can:
move it by dragging it with the mouse to another location,
copy it by holding down the Ctrl key while dragging it to another location,
delete it by pressing the Delete Point button Poly Delete Point Button or the Delete key, or
insert another point at the currently selected point by pressing the Insert Point button Poly New Point Button or the Insert key.
5.When you are done, press the Edit Points button Poly Edit Points Button again to leave Edit Points mode.

Note: Since a polygon must have at least three points, the Delete Point command is disabled when a polygon only has three points.

You can use some special keys when editing polygons. For more information, see How to Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Polygons.

For help selecting objects, see How to Select Objects.


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