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How to Edit a Picture Embedded in Another Program's Document

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To edit a picture embedded in another program's document:

1.With the other program's document visible, select the picture you want to edit.
2.Select Edit, Copy or press Ctrl+C.
3.Start up Metafile Companion.
If you have already started Metafile Companion, make sure the picture is empty. Use the File, New command if necessary.
4.Press the Paste button Edit Paste Button or Edit, Paste or press Ctrl+V to paste the objects.
5.Edit the picture.
For more information, see How to Edit Objects.
6.Copy the updated picture to the Clipboard by pressing Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C.
7.Switch back to the other program. The original picture should still be selected.
8.Select Edit, Paste or press Ctrl+V to paste the updated picture - replacing the original picture.
Note: Some programs may not delete the original picture, in which case you should delete it yourself before performing this step.

When you are done, you can close Metafile Companion without saving the picture you edited. It is already copied to the other program's document.

Note: Some very simple programs (such as Windows Notepad) do not support copying metafiles to the Clipboard, so they will not work as described above.


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