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How to Copy the Entire Picture to Another Program

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To copy the entire picture to another program:

1.Press Ctrl+A or Select, All to select all the objects.
Note: You can also copy the entire picture by deselecting all objects with Ctrl+Shift+A, or Select, None or clicking the Selection tool in an empty area of the picture.
2.Press the Copy button Edit Copy Button or Edit, Copy or Ctrl+C.
3.Switch to the other program.
4.Position your cursor in the other document if necessary.
5.Select Edit, Paste or press Ctrl+V to paste the picture.

Note: Some very simple programs (such as Windows Notepad) do not support pasting metafiles from the Clipboard, so they will not work as described above.

Note: If the program you are pasting to supports OLE, it will probably paste the picture as an embedded OLE object. Then you can double-click on the picture to edit it directly from the other application.


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