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Use this command to insert a copy of a clipboard metafile on top of the current Metafile Companion metafile. This command is unavailable if the clipboard is empty or if no metafile is on the clipboard.

If the current Metafile Companion metafile is empty, Metafile Companion will automatically resize the current metafile to match the size of the clipboard metafile when it is pasted.

If there is already one or more objects in the current Metafile Companion metafile, its size will not be changed when a clipboard metafile is pasted.

The objects pasted on top of the current metafile become the currently selected objects. This makes it easy to move or resize them immediately after a Paste command.

For more advanced uses of the Paste command, see How to Work with the Clipboard.

The Windows Clipboard can contain multiple formats (e.g. picture (WMF), enhanced metafile (WMF), bitmap, text, etc.) of the pasted selection. Metafile Companion only supports a subset of the standard clipboard formats. The Paste As command lets you choose exactly which format is pasted. For the Paste command, Metafile Companion pastes the first format found in the Paste As list:

  1. Enhanced Metafile (EMF)
  2. Windows Metafile (WMF)
  3. Text


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