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How to Open a Metafile from the Explorer

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To open a metafile from the Explorer:

1.Double-click the metafile name or document icon. Metafile Companion will automatically start up and open that file.

Document Icon for Windows Metafiles

The Windows Metafile (WMF) document icon

Document Icon for Enhanced Metafiles

The Enhanced Metafile (EMF) document icon

Metafile Companion also supports "drag and drop". You can open a metafile by dragging its document icon from Explorer and dropping it onto a running copy of Metafile Companion.

Metafile Companion is registered with Windows to open files with the .WMF and .EMF extensions.

Once you have opened the file, you can add, select, edit and delete objects. For more information, see How to Add Objects, How to Select Objects, How to Edit Objects, and How to Delete Objects.


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