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How to Edit Arcs

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An Arc is defined by four items: Its bounding rectangle (which defines the overall shape ellipse), a start and end point for the arc (along the ellipse) and an Arc Direction.

To edit an arc's shape:

1.Select the arc.
2.Drag one of the handles to change the shape of the ellipse.

To edit an arc's start or end point:

1.Select the arc.
2.Press the Edit Points toolbar button Poly Edit Points Button (or Enter). Small rectangular handles will be drawn at the start and end of the Arc.
3.Click on a point handle to select it. The currently selected point is indicated by a solid filled handle. The other point will have hollow handles.
4.With a point selected you can move it by dragging it with the mouse to another location.
5.When you are done, press the Edit Points button Poly Edit Points Button (or Enter) again to leave Edit Points mode.

To edit an arc's direction:

1.Select the arc.
2.Click an Arc Direction button (Counterclockwise or Clockwise) on the Format toolbar (or choose Format > Arc Direction > Counterclockwise or Clockwise from the menu).


For help selecting objects, see How to Select Objects.


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